Disposable Skin Stapler and Remover

Open nose piece and low profile for clear

View of staple placement. Arrow guide for accurate and consistent placement.


Ergonomics Design

Ergonomics design of firing trigger for more stable firing.


Visible Staple Counter

Provide  visible  staple  counter  for constant indication of staple supply and for efficient use. 


Staples Remover

Special staples remover can reduce thepressure on skin and relieve pain. 


Product Code


Closed Staple Height












A disposable skin stapler is a medical device used in surgical and medical procedures to close skin wounds or incisions quickly and effectively. It is designed to simplify the wound closure process and is commonly used in emergency rooms, operating rooms, and other healthcare settings.Here are some key features and considerations of disposable skin staplers:Design: A disposable skin stapler typically consists of a handle and a staple cartridge. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip and control. The staple cartridge contains pre-loaded sterile staples, usually made of stainless steel, which are used to secure the edges of the wound together.Ease of use: Disposable skin staplers are user-friendly and designed for quick and efficient application. They often have an intuitive mechanism that allows healthcare professionals to easily fire the staples into the skin with a single squeeze of the handle.Sterility: Disposable skin staplers come individually packaged and sterilized, ensuring they are sterile and ready to use in surgical procedures. The single-use nature eliminates the need for reprocessing or sterilization, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and saving time and resources.Convenience: The disposable nature of skin staplers provides convenience to healthcare providers. After use, the entire device is disposed of, removing the need to remove and dispose of individual staples. This can save valuable time during wound closure procedures when compared to traditional suturing techniques.Versatility: Disposable skin staplers can be used in a variety of situations, including closing surgical incisions, lacerations, and other skin wounds. They are particularly useful when dealing with large wounds, providing quick closure and a secure hold.It's important to note that while disposable skin staplers are effective in many cases, they may not be suitable for all types of wounds. The decision on whether to use staples or other wound closure methods should be made by a healthcare professional based on the specific needs and characteristics of the wound.Overall, disposable skin staplers are vital tools in wound closure procedures, offering convenience, speed, and sterility. They provide an efficient alternative to traditional suturing techniques and contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.


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