Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler and Reload Type A

One-hand Operation  
Firing and backoff can be done easily  

Self adaptive Joint Joint 
The self adaptive joint can provide greater rotation angle. 

High Strength Anvil 
High strength anvil provides stronger tissue grasp force. 


Droplet Groove Design

Oriented  and  contact  area increased by 30% to ensure better staple formation.

Gecko-Claw Technology

To ensure that staples can enter into the groove safely and accuratedly during clamping and firing. 

3-Point Gap Control System

Ensure the same force for tissue from proximal to distal to get perfect B-shaped formation. 

High Strength Staple

Use high strength titanium Staple to get better formation.


A disposable endolinear cutter stapler is a medical device used in surgical procedures to simultaneously cut and staple tissues together. It is designed for single-use and is discarded after each procedure to prevent cross-contamination.The endo linear cutter stapler is commonly used in minimally invasive or endoscopic surgeries, where smaller incisions are made and long instruments are used to perform the procedure. The device allows surgeons to cut and staple tissues with precision, promoting efficient hemostasis and facilitating faster closure.The disposable nature of the endo linear cutter stapler offers several benefits. It eliminates the need for cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance of reusable devices, reducing the risk of infection. It also ensures the availability of a sterile device for each procedure, promoting patient safety.It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and recommended technique while operating the disposable endo linear cutter stapler. Proper training and adherence to sterile practices are essential to ensure efficient and safe surgical outcomes.




Product code


Staple Length

open staple height

closed staple height


Gecko-claw technology



1.0 mm  


Gecko-claw technology





Gecko-claw technology





Gecko-claw technology





Gecko-claw technology





A reload, in relation to a disposable endo linear cutter stapler, refers to the staple cartridge that is inserted into the stapler device. The reload contains the staples and is designed to be easily inserted and removed from the stapler during a surgical procedure.When the stapler is empty or needs to be refilled, the reload is removed and replaced with a new one. This ensures that an adequate supply of staples is available for the procedure and allows for continuous stapling without interruption.Reloading the disposable endo linear cutter stapler is typically a straightforward process, but it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper alignment and secure attachment of the reload. This helps to ensure accurate stapling and effective tissue closure.Disposable endo linear cutter staplers and their reloads are available in various sizes, allowing surgeons to select the appropriate device for the specific surgical procedure and tissue type. It is essential to choose the correct reload size to match the stapler for optimal performance and reliable tissue closure.As always, it is crucial to receive proper training and follow established protocols when using any surgical device, including the disposable endo linear cutter stapler and its reloads, to ensure patient safety and successful surgical outcomes.


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