Introduction to powered linear cutting stapler and reload

Created on:2023-12-04 10:44

It usually consists of an electric handle, stapler, reload and battery pack. Anastomotic nails are generally made of titanium alloy, pure titanium and other materials.


Chinese name:


Single-use powered linear cutting stapler and reload


Intended use:


For the dissection, excision and/or establishment of anastomosis of organs, tissues or blood vessels in the body. Suitable for a variety of open or minimally invasive procedures.


Product introduction:


Disposable powered endoscope linear cutting stapler and reload is an active surgical instrument for surgical operations in the medical field. The product has the following features:


1. Disposable use: The instrument is a disposable product, avoiding the risk of cross infection and improving the safety of surgical operation.


2. Electric endoscope linear cutting: The instrument adopts electric endoscope linear cutting technology, which can accurately cut the tissue, reduce the surgical trauma and improve the surgical effect.


3. Stapler and reload: The instrument contains stapler and reload, which can achieve anastomosis and fixation operation during surgery and improve the success rate of surgery.


4. Composition: The product is composed of an powered linear cutting stapler and reload, the stapler has a cutting blade and a dosing needle, and the reload includes a nail bin and a nail.


5. Type: According to different surgical needs, the product has a variety of models to choose from, such as the length of the blade of the cutting stapler, the diameter of the anastomosis needle, etc.


In short, disposable electric endoscopic linear cutting stapler and reload are convenient, safe and efficient surgical instruments, which are suitable for various surgical operations and can improve the success rate of surgery and the speed of recovery of patients.

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