WELLMEDHZ CO.,LTD.is a professional manufacturer and supplier specialize in disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler , Surgical Blade, Trocar, Disposable Biospy Needle and Forceps, and other Surgical instruments. It is located in Qiantang District, Hangzhou, China. We have modern standard workshop, ten thousand level purification workshop, modern production line, more precision machine and more precison test instrument. 
WELLMEDHZ have rich experience in surgical equipments, we are focuses primarily on surgical equipments, it is widely used in a variety of medical fields, including gastrointestinal, urinary tract, respiratory, gynecological and cardiac etc. The company’s product range include endoscopic and open surgical field. 
The endoscopic linear cutter stapler and reload system has several advantages in surgical procedures.     Precise and efficient cutting: The endoscopic linear cutter stapler allows for precise and clean cutting of tissues, reducing the risk of bleeding and trauma to surrounding structures. It enables surgeons to perform precise incisions, which is particularly advantageous in minimally invasive surgeries.
Secure tissue closure: The stapler feature of the device provides secure closure of tissues by inserting multiple staples. This helps to ensure better wound healing and reduces the risk of post-operative complications like leakage or infection.


Faster procedure time: The use of a linear cutter stapler allows for faster tissue transection and closure compared to traditional suturing techniques. This can help reduce overall procedure time, minimizing anesthesia exposure and improving patient outcomes.
Improved ergonomics: The endoscopic linear cutter stapler is designed with ergonomic considerations, allowing surgeons to comfortably manipulate and operate the device during surgery. This helps reduce surgeon fatigue and improves precision.
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